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About Máréfalva

Máréfalva (Satu Mare) is one of the longest ribbon-plotted villages of Harghita country.

It stretches on a 4 km long land in the narrow valley of the Fenyéd Stream, at the foot of the Cekend Crest.

Here can we find the most Szekler-gates in Tinutul Odorheiului: large, carved, "written" gates which are undoubtably museum pieces representing several types of the Odorhei region.

Beyond the bridge of the Fenyéd Stream National Road 13A rises to the Cekend where one can see the 'Castleneck' (or 'Somosneck' Crest, with the Máré Castle built in the Bronz Age on its 845 m high peak) on the left, and the Láz (Cekend, the edge of the plateau) on the right.

The Cekend Crest is actually a 820-880 m plateau made up of volcanic rocks in the western part of the Central Harghita. On the Cekend Crest one can view the beautiful complete panorama of the Central Harghita Mountains. The Harghita-Madaras (1,801 m) closes the horizon. In the east, the northern and eastern edge of the volcanic caldera can be marked along the line of the Harghita Racu (1,758 m - formerly: Galusa Peak), Harghita (1,710 m - with the Csompoly-volcano in its southern part) and the Harghita-Ciceului (1,781 m) peaks.

Photo: Szász Gyula, Vass Lehel

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