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About Kiskede

Kiskede (Chedia Mica) is a village in Harghita County, it lies at 4 km from River Fehér-Nyikó in a valley. Is one of the smallest settlements in Siménfalva Community.

The village has an absolute Székely (Hungarian) majority.

It is a bigger village than Nagykede (Chedia Mare), but it has only 64 inhabitants (2004).
The population is senescent.

In the medieval years Kiskede was a catholic village, but after the reformation the population swiched the unitarian religion. Kiskede and Nagykede has a common unitarian church.

Now Kiskede is a peaceful ambience without gas station and shops. It is 7 km far from Székelykeresztúr and 4 km far from Rugonfalva (Ruganesti).

There isn’t a well-known holiday resort, but the harmony of the fascinating environment offers possibilities for excursions and recreation.

Photo: Vass Lehel

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