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About Homoródfürdő

The Bath Homorod is situated on Homorod Mare valley and on Bailor brook, at 760 m altitude, at 18 km from Odorheiu Secuiesc, 34 km from Miercurea Ciuc and 6 km of Vlahita, of which belong from administrativ point of view. There is a well-known holiday resort

In the past it was a small settlement at the foot of the mountain with fizzy warm and cold baths, today it is a youth holiday camp with national significance, with mineral water springs. The climate is typical for the foot of the mountain. The summer is warm, the winter is cold with changing winds. The Ilona valley is protected against the wind. The mountain climate is good for recreation and healing.

Homorod locality is renamed most due for its mineral water springs Lobogo (7200 l/day), Maria, Csorgo, Homorodi, Ilona, Fenyves, Izvoarele de la Baia Rece, Izvorul Klotild, Izvorul Ilona, Izvorul Kalman, Izvorul Todor etc.  The common featuring of the springs from Homorod are the rich mineral contents. These could be use in different kind of treatments aims but also is very god as drink water too. Surroundings of the springs appeared the human settlements still since romanian occupation time. Due for this fact stay the signs of the roman settlements (36*36 m) named Foldvar Ruins where is situated in nearby of the old roman way being describes for the first time from Teglas Gabor. At 200m distance of this, in south-west, are other roman fortifies ruins (23*15m, II.cent.). The both ruins are declarated since 1992 arheological reservations corresponding to Harghita county’s as monuments registration. The climate of the spa is alpin, without strong winds, favourable for treatments. Who wish to feel the fresh mountains air, the tranquility which surround the little spa, could come here and will leave this place with the thought that he will return sometimes.

Photo: Csender Gyula

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