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O3Zone Association

About O3Zone Association

The O3zone Association was founded in February 2003 with the aim to advance, support and popularize the entertaining, sports, cultural and spare time opportunities of Székelyudvarhely and its region.

The most important objectives are:

  • to present and advance the touristical opportunities and the rural tourism
  • to revive and present the ecological tourism in addition to keeping the traditional values
  • to institute a spare-time center and a touristical office
  • to publish the Spare Time Guide, a touristical and informational website and brochure
  • to organize cultural programs with the aim to popularize the local and the Hungarian culture
  • to popularize and support the spare-time programs and create some different possibilities for the cultivated spare-time spending
  • to organize hiking, cycling tours and bus-travels
  • to draw people’s attention to the necessity of outdoor life, right mental hygiene and to the mental-physical harmony

The members of O3zone Association:

  • president: Bilaus András
  • vice-president: Hajdó Katalin
  • secretary: Kolcsár Melinda

and members:

  • Bilaus Lujza
  • Lőrinc Lajos
  • Kozma Adél

Any natural or legal entity can become member of O3zone Association: regardless of age, gender, citizenship, ideological or political beliefs who adopts, pronounces and enforces the association’s objectives and terms of reference, takes an active part in their popularization, supports them morally or financially and observes the association’s statutes.

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